Crownhurst Centre

Outstanding building lots protected by Crownhurst Architectural & Site Development Code. Currently Lots have been sold for Professional, Medical, Service and Financial uses. General Business (B-3) and Professional (OS) Zoning available.

Crown Point, IN

Crown Point Address with convenient direct access to both Crown Point and Merrillville. Located on State Road 53 (Broadway) and East 93rd Avenue near Interstate 65 and US 30. Adjacent to the Purdue University Research Center and Tech Business Incubator Project. Located near many medical facilities including Franciscan Hospital of Crown Point, Methodist Hospital of Merrillville, Neuro Behavioral Hospital, Pinnacle Hospital, & Vibra Hospital. Location is an already established and growing commercial development area. See flyer for pricing.

Trade Area: Chicago- Michigan City MSA


Property Size

not applicable


Crownhurst Available S. Lot 2

217,977 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available Lot 4

77,954 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available Lot 2

70,964 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available S. Lot 3B

56,295 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available Lot 3

55,491 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available Lot 14

43,338 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available Lot 11

40,470 Square Feet

Crownhurst Available Lot 10

33,455 Square Feet

Crownhurst Centre Leasing Plan

Square Footage
Lot 01
Lot 02 - 1.629 Acres
Lot 03 - 1.274 Acres
Lot 04 - 1.790 Acres
Lot 05
Lot 06
Lot 07
Lot 08
Lot 09
Lot 10 - 0.768 Acres
Lot 11 - 0.929 Acres
Lot 12
Lot 13
Lot 14 - 0.995 Acres
Parcel 1
Parcel 2
S. Lot 1
S. Lot 2
S. Lot 3A
S. Lot 3B

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