Facility Maintenance Services

What if you could contact one source for all of your maintenance and repair issues?
Would your bottom line improve if facility maintenance concerns and expenses were reduced?

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Retail • Light Industrial • Chain Stores

Facility Maintenance Services

Some of the Services We Provide Are:

  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance
  • HVAC Repairs / Replacements
  • Carpentry Repairs
  • Carpet / Tile Repairs & Replacement
  • Ceiling Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Door Repairs
  • Painting
  • Remodels / Alterations
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Store Front Repairs / Replacements
  • Code Violation Corrections
  • Sidewalk Repairs / Replacements
  • Roofing and Roof Repairs
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Restriping

Retail • Light Industrial • Chain Stores

Many companies are aggressively working to improve facility management programs and more effectively utilize existing resources, to reduce operating costs and save money. For these companies, outsourcing facility maintenance and repair responsibilities has proven to be a highly effective management strategy. Outsourcing options from The Hamstra Group has allowed our customers to fully apply this approach.

The Hamstra Group is a full-service facility maintenance company, providing light industrial, retailers and chain stores with cost-effective facilities management solutions. The Hamstra Group provides exceptional service and workmanship at reasonable prices. Utilizing our highly qualified workforce allows The Hamstra Group to perform an array of maintenance and repair services. With more than 50 years of experience, our staff is keenly aware of the unique characteristics and operating issues associated with servicing light industrial, retail and chain stores.

Customer satisfaction is our paramount goal. We meet and exceed this by providing the highest quality service, coupled with continual communication to each of our customers. We work together with you to gain a thorough understanding of your specific needs. This allows us to customize a flexible program that will work best for you.

The Hamstra Group serves as a trusted partner and advisor for a growing list of light industrial, retailers and chain stores.

For more information contact:

Karl Whitaker
The Hamstra Group, Inc.
Office: 219-956-3111
Cell: 219-241-1248